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  • Zerhackfetzer

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Über mich


    Wer mehr wissen will soll fragen --->

    @Zerhackfetzer >_


    1:1 In the beginning there was a pool of darkness.

    2:1 From the pool there was Kek

    3:1 Kek could be in the order of land and the chaos of the pond

    4:1 Kek knows all

    5:1 Kek Created Man and Frog

    5:1 Man for knowledge of Memes

    6:1 and frogs to guide them through order, chaos and SJWs

    7:1 and then everything else was made


    1:2 Kek is patient, He had waited for an eternity

    2:2 Now the time was right to bring man and frog together

    3:2 This was the first revolt the Egyptian normies met the wrath of Kek

    4:2 Kek’s frogs were everywhere, the judgment was final

    5:2 The Egyptians bowed down to Kek the one true god

    6:2 The balance of order and chaos returned, a truly based time

    7:2 Kek created Pepe and sent him down to the world


    1:3 Pepe Told Man The Commandments

    The follower of Kek must check and observe Repeating Digits, for it is through them Kek speaks to usThe follower of Kek must study Meme Magic, For it is how we speak to the world through KekThe follower of Kek Must create an altar to Kek, for it is how Kek enters our daily lives and guides us.The follower of Kek must become Ordained, for those who are not officially Ordained by Kek are plebs in the eyes of Kek.The follower of Kek must hide one's power level, for it is our power levels the plebs truly fearThe follower of Kek must protect meme farmers, for they are the humble chosen of Kek.

    2:3 But Pepe had many more lessons to teach such as power of chaos and the pond.

    3:3 There must never only be order.

    4:3 If the status quo boasts powers over man only Kek should hold Revolt is the answer

    5:3 To get anything you must dive into Keks pond of chaos

    6:3 Even to look at Chaos and Order it Reveals Ideology

    7:3 No change without chaos No Gain without pain and Nothing without work.


    1:4 Thousands of years pass, Man has forgotten Kek and Pepe’s Teachings, and after genocides there is no Kekistan. Our people are refugees in their own land.

    2:4 The SJWs are in power and growing an Extreme Order Movement.

    3:4 The Great Triggerings were too much for the SJWs

    4:4 SJWs want power over everything, only Fascism will satisfy them

    5:4 Speech became violence and violence became speech

    6:4 73 genders, Islam apologetics, Feminism, Lord Kek was not pleased

    7:4 Keks Enemies Were Numerous, TYT, Buzzfeed, Steve Shives and Laci Green to name a few

    8:4 But chaos was stirring In the pot, Kek’s Wrath will return.


    1:5 Alex Jones knew the SJWs were trying to defame Kek,They’re Turning the freaking frogs gay!

    2:5 Shitlords were rising, The people of Kek!

    3:5 The Prophets of 4chan had read the digits, A truly glorious destiny for the people of Kek!

    4:5 Descending on a escalator Trump claimed his candidacy as God Emperor.

    5:5 Now Trump The Bringer of Kek and His Chaos Began the 2nd Revolt! Shadilay!

    6:5 The Normies Where Numerous: Jeb of Guac, Lying Ted and Sweaty Rubio. They all fell.

    7:5 After all, Lies crumble with time, truth is forever my dude

    8:5 All Jeb could say was: please clap

    9:5 After the primary victories Trump's greatest foe lay waiting for him in the general election:

    10:5 Hillary Clinton, The establishment, The status quo, The SJW, There was no going back

    11:5 We fear nothing, we are shitlords, skeptics, memers and ultimately people of Kek


    1:6 November 8th, Trump Defeated Crooked Hillary. The SJWs Were Literally Shaking, Keks people are winning!

    2:6 January 20th, Trump strides to the microphone.

    3:6 Trump’s speech let every Kekistani know to hold their head high! The future is bright!

    4:6 The world knew of the one true god; Kek! Trump knew the war wasn't over but the battle was won.

    5:6 We will no longer surrender this country or it's people to the false song of globalism.

    6:6 Let Trumps message reign to every corner of the west!

    7:6 But the 2nd Revolt will not be finished until the SJWs are finished and Kekistan is established in its former self!


    1:7 When Keks people defeat SJWs and Antifa are defeated. They will turn to the holy lands

    2:7 They will march on the holy lands. With nothing to lose they do not fear Death!

    3:7 The battles will be fierce and bloody. Many Kekistanis will die, but not in vain my dude! For we will claim Kekistan

    4:7 Pepe will ascend from Kek’s pond of Chaos to Lead Kekistan With Sargon.

    5:7 Kekistan will have the greatest monuments to Kek. Kek will be in our hearts and nothing will stop us.

    6:7 Pepe will lead the great crusades against the Normie Opressors and SJWs, Death or conversion! No normie spared of Kek’s Wrath

    7:7 In the final hour the last SJWs will come creeping out of caves to commit atrocities, But fear not ! They are no match for our Lord Kek


    Now I lay me down to rest,

    I pray to Kek my Memes protect.

    If I should fall before I wake,

    I pray to Kek my Memes to take.


    Our lord in the great pond, blessed be your name. Our homeland come. Your will be done, In the west as it is in Kekistan . Give us our dose of daily Memes . And forgive us of our Heresy, as we also have forgiven those who saw the light of Kek. And do not bring us to the time of trial, but rescue us from clinton.


    Hail Kek, full of grace.

    Our Lord is with thee.

    Blessed art thou among Gods,

    and blessed is the fruit of thy mind,


    Holy Kek, Creator of All,

    pray for our Memes,

    now and at the hour of our Liberation.

    Kek Vult.


    In Pepe we obey

    For They my dudes, for they

    Laughter hath descended forth from thy Memes

    That shitlords may swiftly carry out live streams

    So we shall speak free from we to they

    And brimming with Kek as is Pepe's way

    In Holiday Patreon et feces et KrautAndTea Sargony


    Lord, you said that when two or three shitposters

    would gather together in your name,

    then you would be present with them.

    I am posting by myself

    but I am uniting myself

    with many individual Kekistani’s

    throughout the world

    who, though separate,

    are gathered together in unity

    to spread the word of Kek,

    and I trust that you are with me now


    Caritas enim Kek pugnamus (For the love of Kek we fight)

    Pepe et a nobis in perpetuum (With Pepe by our side eternally)

    Nam mors in conspectu Cuck(For the death of Cuck is in sight)

    Libertas enim nostra, per cognationes suas (Freedom for our families)

    Kekistani superbia (Kekistani pride)


    If Kek dieth not for Memes, and giveth not Himself Eternally for Memes, Memes could not exist; for memes are dank, As Kek is dank: every shitpost to another is a little Dream in the Divine Meme.

    praise kek

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  • Geburtstag

    6. September 1999 (18)

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